The Legal Process in a Child Molestation Case

Maverick Ray Law
October 11, 2017

Child sexual abuse is one of the most serious and life-altering crimes dealt with by the legal system. If you find yourself facing charges for the sexual abuse of a child—especially if you believe those accusations are false—you need to find expert legal help to fight your way out of the jungle of legal processes that will occur. Research has shown that around 7,600 cases of child abuse (both physical and sexual) are reported every day, but more than 7,200 of these cases are eventually determined to be false accusations. In the event you are charged with this very grave crime, a sex offender attorney in Houston is your best bet to achieve a successful outcome.

How False Accusations Occur

The unfortunate fact is that false accusations of child sexual abuse have become a weapon utilized by the adults involved in many divorce proceedings. Each allegation must be investigated, taking time away from actual cases of child abuse. In reality, 70 to 80 percent of divorce-related child sexual abuse charges are proven false. Anyone facing such charges must retain the services of an attorney who has the experience and knowledge to fight the allegations. Since it’s so difficult to prove your innocence when faced with such emotionally wrenching accusations, your attorney must prove the allegations are unsubstantiated and possibly made with ulterior motives.

Sometimes, these abuse allegations come from the child, which means your attorney must tread carefully to get at the truth. Since it can take as little as a simple touch to trigger sexual abuse allegations in some jurisdictions, your attorney’s expertise is required to carefully determine what happened. Often, children themselves feel they can use such allegations to influence their parents’ divorce proceedings. Other cases may involve attention-seeking or acting-out behavior by the child, drug and/or alcohol abuse by either the child or the accused adult, negative reactions to many of the psychotropic medications prescribed to children today, and even intentionally created false memories.

Faulty Police Work

In other cases, false accusations may result from police investigations that are marred by bad police work. Of concern are initial interviews conducted by police officers, upon which child sexual abuse charges are usually based. Flaws in this process may include the police failing to discover previous suggestive interviewing of the child by parents, teachers, or other adult figures; interviews of the child that do not probe the allegations closely enough; leading questions designed solely to confirm the allegations; and failure to seek out evidence and history of the child that might confirm or refute the allegations of sexual abuse.

What You Can Do

First and foremost, if you’re charged with child sexual abuse by anyone under any circumstances, you should seek the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer with a background in child sexual abuse cases. An attorney can help you with questioning by investigators and inform you of your rights as an accused individual. Your sex offender attorney also knows the problems prosecutors face obtaining convictions in child sex abuse cases. The child’s testimony may be filled with errors and inconsistencies, and the expert witnesses brought in by the prosecution often rely upon discredited ideas of the effects of child sexual abuse. As the defendant, your best bet is to be fully truthful with your attorney. Always keep your temper when facing accusers or law enforcement, regardless of how unfair the accusations against you may be. Your attorney will assemble a case using interviews, gathered facts, character witnesses, discovery of flaws in the prosecution’s case, and other means to establish your innocence.

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