Severe Injuries Are a Greater Possibility in a Motorcycle Accident

Maverick Ray Law
January 22, 2019

With hundreds of miles of open roads that traverse the state from east to west and north to south, Texas is a motorcycle rider’s dream come true. The thrill of the open road makes it a highly popular place to own and ride a motorcycle.

However, just like in any other state, if you ride a cycle in Texas, there’s always the chance that you could be involved in a serious accident or possibly die. Most riders will gladly take that risk for the ongoing joys of hitting the open roads as often as possible.

Although several safety measures are in place to protect riders, when an accident takes place motorcyclists are still at a much greater risk of death, neck and back injuries, head trauma, broken bones, severe road rash and many other painful outcomes.

Proving negligence if you are a motorcycle accident victim

An attorney representing a motorcycle accident victim will face many of the same challenges as with representing a plaintiff in any other kind of personal injury suit. The key to winning a case is being able to prove negligence on the part of another party who may be at fault.

What is different in a motorcycle accident case is that because a motorcycle rider is much more vulnerable than a driver in a passenger vehicle or a truck, many courts will adjust the standard of negligence, taking into account that a cycle rider must be much more vigilant while on the road.

Courts will also tend to look more favorably on motorcycle riders because they are required to have specialized and more defensive training to get a license.

Conversely, this means a larger burden is placed on drivers when sharing the road with motorcyclists.

These advantages, then, allows an attorney representing a motorcyclist to negotiate from a position of strength when trying to settle a case for a maximum dollar amount.

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