Maverick Ray Represents Victim of Excessive Police Force in Houston

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November 10, 2020

Released Bodycam Video Shows Officer Beating Victim While Handcuffed

Newly released bodycam video from the Houston Police Department displays a disturbing scene of excessive police force. The incident occurred during a traffic stop in July 2019. During the course of the investigation, bodycam video shows an officer from the Houston Police Department repeatedly hitting a man, 34-year-old Aundre Howard, in the head while he is handcuffed.

Attorney Maverick Ray is defending Mr. Howard in the pending criminal case and has commented on the recently obtained and released body camera footage.

“After watching about 10-20 minutes into the videos, my stomach dropped in disgust,” Maverick Ray told KPRC 2 News, “No one deserves—for being pulled over for expired registration—to be handcuffed, to be groped on their crotch.”

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Minor Traffic Violation Suddenly Turns

As reported by KPRC 2 News, Aundre Howard was initially stopped for expired vehicle registration when the situation escalated. In the released video clip, an officer can be heard yelling expletives and exclaiming “just f-ing shoot his a**!”

Ray says that in unreleased footage, one of the officers is heard wondering about what they might find if they were to grab Howard; it was at that point that Howard ran away while handcuffed. When officers caught up to him, the video appears to show one officer hitting Howard multiple times in the head with another pair of handcuffs.

“He had his handcuffs around his fist and he punched me like four times in the back of the head,” said Howard, “Then as he walked me off, he hit me on the side of my head, leaving a scar. I had to go to the hospital.”

Mr. Howard was subsequently charged with evading arrest and possession of a controlled substance. Houston Public Media reports that no weapons were found during the arrest.

Civil rights advocates have called for an investigation into the officer’s conduct. The Houston Police Department’s Internal Affairs division is now currently investigating the incident.

“They need to be punished for what they done,” says Howard. “It was wrong.”

The Importance of Body Camera Footage

Despite the arrest occurring nearly 18 months ago, the bodycam video was only recently obtained by the defense. Unfortunately, body camera footage is not always released to the public.

When there are allegations of police misconduct, it may take a subpoena to obtain an officer’s audio or video of the exchange. In Mr. Howard’s case, the body camera footage may be used to pursue a civil lawsuit against the police department.

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