Maverick Ray Represents Another Victim of Houston Police Brutality

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November 18, 2020

Bodycam Video Shows Victim Illegally Detained and Use of Excessive Force

On December 21, 2019, Corey Spiller’s life changed forever when he arrived at the scene of a car accident that his girlfriend had been involved in. After the police arrived for the accident investigation, the situation escalated and became violent.

Police body camera footage reveals that during the accident investigation, an officer choke slammed Spiller onto the back of a car and another officer tased him. Officers claim that Spiller elbowed an officer in the face, which resulted in Spiller being charged with assaulting a peace officer.

Attorney Maverick Ray secured a dismissal of the felony charges against Spiller after showing the prosecutor a copy of the officer’s bodycam video and insisting that their office review the evidence.

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Getting the Charges Dropped

“He goes up to Mr. Spiller, grabs him by the neck, and choke-slams him on the hood of a patrol car,” said Maverick Ray describing the police officer’s behavior as seen in the bodycam footage, “He then throws him on the ground and orders another officer to taze him all for doing nothing.”

Attorney Maverick Ray believed his client when he told him the events of his arrest. Using bodycam footage as essential evidence, he was able to get the charges dropped and set the foundation for a federal civil lawsuit.

In a statement to Fox 26, Attorney Ray said that the violent arrest was “absolutely uncalled for, and it disgusts me. I said that this case needs to be dismissed. He did nothing wrong.” Ultimately, the prosecutor agreed.

What the Video Shows

Jared Lindsay, a Harris County Precinct 7 Deputy Constable Sergeant, arrives at the scene of the crash site wearing a bodycam. The video footage reveals what began as a calm conversation between police officers and Corey Spiller with his girlfriend regarding the accident.

After Sgt. Lindsay instructs the girlfriend to leave with one of the officers and for Spiller to leave the scene separately, Spiller calmly asks if he can have more information about what’s going on. The officers refuse and Spiller asks if there’s somebody else he can talk to.

At this point, Lindsay says, “Buddy, I’m the supervisor…” before grabbing Spiller by the neck and slamming him onto the hood of a patrol car. Lindsay then shouts at Spiller for allegedly hitting him and an officer tases Spiller on the ground. As can be heard in the video, the Sgt. shouts repeatedly, “Don’t you f*** with me.”

A Civil Lawsuit Pending

Spiller was charged with assaulting a peace officer, but Maverick Ray ensured that the charges were dropped. A federal civil lawsuit has been filed on behalf of Spiller, naming Deputy Sgt. Lindsay, Precinct 7 Constable May Walker, the Constable’s Office, and Harris County. According to ABC 13 Eyewitness News, Mr. Lindsay is still employed by the Constable’s Office despite the evidence brought forth in the video.

When asked, Spiller was disappointed by this news and stated, “How would you feel if somebody did that to your son or somebody in your family and they are still just living like nothing happened?”

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Tragically, this is not the first time a Houston law enforcement officer has been caught on video using excessive force during a routine investigation. Attorney Maverick Ray recently represented another victim of police misconduct who was handcuffed and struck during a traffic violation stop.

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