Maverick Ray Ranked #1 for Dismissals in Harris County by “Show Me the Justice”

Maverick Ray Law
September 3, 2020

Criminal defense attorney Maverick Ray and his firm have ranked #1 with “Show Me the Justice” as having the most dismissals in Harris County since 2018. “Show Me the Justice” ranks attorneys based on the number of “not guilty” verdicts, in-trial dismissals, trial setting dismissals, and felony dismissals.

Not only was Mr. Ray recognized for his outstanding work in achieving the most dismissals over the course of two years, but he was also ranked 1st for having the most mentions for the achievements listed above.  

Strong Track Record of “Not Guilty” Verdicts

Attorney Maverick Ray has an impressive track record of success with “not guilty” verdicts on a wide variety of offenses, including drug charges, sex crimes, and murder cases. His dismissal rate is second-to-none, with hundreds of cases being dismissed prior to and during trial.

Trial setting dismissals, in-trial dismissals, and felony dismissals achieved by Maverick Ray & Associates include weapons charges, burglary, theft, assault, DWI, domestic violence, possession, theft, evading arrest, criminal mischief, forgery, murder, and more.

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