Is Case Dismissal the Same as Not Guilty?

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August 29, 2023

Understanding the Difference Between a Not Guilty Verdict and a Dismissal

If you are charged with a criminal offense, there may be multiple ways that the case can resolve. While most people assume that their case will end with a jury verdict, it could also be finalized through a reduction or dismissal of the charges. To understand all of the potential outcomes of your criminal case, you need to speak with an attorney.

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What Does It Mean for Your Case Dismissed?

In some instances, your case may be eligible for dismissal. A dismissal can only be granted by a judge or the prosecuting attorney. It is usually given when there is not enough evidence to move forward with the case or new evidence proves the innocence of the defendant.

A dismissal can be granted at any time prior to a verdict being rendered by a jury. A case may also be dismissed after the fact if a person wins on appeal. It is important to note, however, that dismissals are extraordinarily difficult to get without the help of an experienced attorney.

Is a Case Dismissal the Same as a Not Guilty Verdict?

Case dismissals are not the same as a “not guilty” verdict. A verdict is rendered by a judge or jury after a trial. A “not guilty” verdict must be a unanimous decision by the jury. If only some of the jurors believe that the person is not guilty and some believe that the person is guilty, it is considered a hung jury, and a mistrial will usually be declared.

If there is a hung jury, a prosecutor has the option to retry the case. They may also decide to dismiss the charges. In this sense, a dismissal of the case may be granted even after a verdict is reached.

Can a Dismissed Case Be Re-filed?

A case that has been dismissed can be re-filed under certain circumstances. If a case is dismissed “with prejudice,” the matter cannot be re-filed. However, if your case is dismissed “without prejudice,” a prosecutor may refile the criminal charges. The charges must be filed within the statute of limitations mandated by state or federal law.

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