How to Get Your Gun Rights Back in Texas

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January 25, 2023

Ways to Restore Your Gun Rights in the Lone Star State

Restoring your gun rights in Texas can be challenging. If you are convicted of certain crimes you could lose your right to possess a firearm temporarily or permanently depending on the case. The best way to protect your gun rights is to hire an attorney to help you defend against criminal charges.

At Maverick Ray & Associates, we are firm believers in the right to bear arms. Our lawyers work hard to protect the rights of our clients, including their right to possess a gun. We are experienced trial lawyers recognized statewide for our aggressive representation. If you are charged with a criminal offense in Houston, TX, contact our office at (281) 346-9451 to schedule a free consultation.

Who Is Not Allowed to Own a Gun in Texas?

According to CBS News, Texas leads the nation in the number of federal gun licenses that have been issued. Nearly half (45.7%) of adults in the state report living in a household with a firearm. Despite the vast amount of people that have guns in Texas, there are state and federal laws that prevent people from being able to legally possess them.

According to the Gun Control Act (GCA) individuals who are restricted from gun ownership:

  • People who have been convicted of a crime that is punishable by imprisonment for over one year;
  • A fugitive;
  • Addicted to (or an unlawful user) of a controlled substance;
  • Diagnosed with certain mental health conditions or committed to a mental institution;
  • An illegal alien or someone who has renounced their U.S. citizenship;
  • A person dishonorably discharged from the armed forces;
  • A person who is the subject of certain restraining orders; or
  • A person who has been convicted of domestic violence.

It can be exceedingly difficult to restore gun rights once they have been removed. It is in your best interest to consult with an attorney as early in the criminal process as possible to attempt to protect your right to own or possess a firearm.

How Do I Restore My Gun Rights?

In Texas, under most circumstances, a convicted felon may legally possess a firearm at their home if it has been five years since the completion of their sentence, release from confinement, probation, parole, or community supervision (whichever date is latest).

A full restoration of rights, however, can only be achieved by submitting an application to the Clemency Section of the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles. Without being granted a pardon, a felon’s right to possess a firearm is limited to the place where they are living.

The best way to ensure that your gun rights are protected is by retaining a criminal defense attorney immediately after being charged with a crime.

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