Despite Liberal Laws, You Can Still Face Gun Charges in Texas

Maverick Ray Law
May 14, 2019

Gun owners in Texas are very passionate about their 2nd Amendment rights and have made many high profile stands to defend them. The state is fairly liberal in that it has no laws regarding the possession of any firearm – regardless of a person’s age – as long as the individual does not have any felony convictions. All existing restrictions regarding guns mirror federal laws. Ownership of firearms is restricted to people who are 18 and older.

Unfortunately, guns are still used in the commission of many different types of crimes in Texas, and the penalties can be quite severe if you are convicted. For these reasons, it is imperative that you retain the services of a knowledgeable attorney who can mount an effective gun charges defense on your behalf.

There are many kinds of gun charges you can face

Guns are often used in the commission of crimes, and when a gun is used, convictions can result in much lengthier and mandatory prison sentences. This is not a time to retain less than the very best attorney you can possibly afford.

Commonplace charges include robbery, assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder; but there are some types of lesser-known gun charges that can get you into trouble, such as:

Possession of an illegal or dangerous weapon. Although the carry laws in Texas are liberal, there are certain types of weapons you can’t possess under any circumstances because they are classified as illegal or dangerous. This includes guns with silencers, machine guns, and short shotguns or rifles.

Possession of, or defacing a firearm. Basically, you can’t possess a gun where the manufacturer’s serial number or ID mark has been defaced or removed through anything but normal wear and tear.

Unlawfully carrying a weapon on educational grounds. This one is pretty obvious, thanks to a series of school shootings throughout the nation.

Illegal discharge of a firearm. You can face some serious consequences if you shoot a gun recklessly or negligently.

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