Acts of Domestic Violence Require Immediate Action

Maverick Ray Law
November 13, 2018

The pressures of modern day life can take an unfortunate toll on all kinds of relationships. Sometimes, there are disagreements about money. At other times it’s about infidelity, or kids or any number of issues that can put a high degree of stress on a relationship.

Family members can work things out in many cases, but not always. When things bubble up and get out of control, the ugly side of domestic violence may rear its head, putting family members in real and immediate peril. Domestic violence in Texas happens all too frequently, with statistics showing that as many as one in three Texans will experience some form of domestic violence in their lifetimes.

When an act of domestic violence occurs, victims are reluctant to speak out. But law enforcement officials should be called as soon as possible, followed shortly thereafter with a call to an experienced domestic violence attorney.

An attorney can help victims prevent any further incidents of domestic violence from taking place through the use of protective orders or restraining orders.

Filing a protective order

An attorney can help a victim file a protective order, a demand that a specific person stop all forms of abuse and harassment against another person or several family members. A protective order covers physical abuse, stalking, threatening, or in the case of a discovery or deposition matter, protect a witness from unreasonable requests.

A protective order covers all forms of contact including telephone calls, texts, emails, social media and face-to-face contact.

When a threat is imminent, the police may give a victim an Emergency Protective Order. This is valid only for a short time but provides cover until a more permanent solution can be put in place.

Filing a restraining order

A restraining order defines what two parties can or cannot do to each other during the course of a lawsuit or other similar kinds of legal actions. They tend to govern a person’s conduct over a longer period of time and may be put in place to ensure that both sides maintain civility during a divorce. They can be more complicated, spelling out what kind of contact can take place, securing assets, accessing bank accounts, and so forth while a divorce is in progress.

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