When to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

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A criminal charge can range from a misdemeanor to a felony in seriousness, depending on the circumstances. No matter what the details are, one thing is certain—a criminal defense attorney can help. A criminal defense attorney in Houston has dedicated their legal career to helping those charged with criminal acts. Whether you’re dealing with a drug related charge or assault and battery, never face the criminal justice system alone.

When to Call an Attorney

You may be wondering when the best time to call a criminal defense attorney is. The short answer is: as soon as possible. After you’ve been booked, you should be given the option to call an attorney. Doing so early on ensures that you’re treated fairly by law enforcement officials and that you understand your rights before your case unfolds. The longer you wait, the more difficult it is for your legal team to properly defend you.

Experience and Expertise

You do have the right to represent yourself in a court of law. However, it’s not recommended. Due to the precariousness of the situation, it’s better to enlist the help of an attorney as soon as you’re formally charged with a crime. Once hired, your lawyer dedicates themselves to your case. They’ll become familiar with the details of the crimes you’re accused of and may even conduct partial investigations themselves.

If you’ve chosen the right attorney, they’ll have years of experience under their belt. Chances are they’ve already dealt with charges similar to the ones you’re facing. Your attorney knows the laws, statutes, and torts that are involved with your supposed crimes and can easily create a defense strategy that’s best for you. You wouldn’t have this same sort of experience and expertise if you were to handle your case on your own.

Legal Counsel

From the moment you’re charged, you’ll be faced with many different choices. For example, what do you do about bail? How should you plead when first presented to the judge? Should you waive your right to a trial by jury? If you’re not an attorney, you may not be familiar with all of your options. Hiring an attorney as soon as possible is the best way to ensure that you make the right choices from the very beginning.

Your attorney is the best person to give you counsel when it comes to your criminal charges. Not only do they have experience with the law, but they also have your best interest in mind. It’s their job to defend you. They may suggest taking a plea deal or pleading innocent. With an attorney, you can be sure that you’re making the right decisions as it pertains to your case.

An Entire Team on Your Side

While you may think that you’re just retaining the help of a single attorney, you’re actually getting much more than that. Along with your attorney, you’ll have a team of associates, paralegals, and expert witnesses working together to create the best defense possible for your case. This sort of support is invaluable during the case of a criminal trial.

Don’t wait to hire a lawyer. Whether you’re in need of a Houston DWI attorney or an attorney to fight your assault charges, by calling for help as soon as you’re charged, you’ll get the representation you deserve.

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