What to Expect When Meeting with an Immigration Lawyer

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Immigration Law ImageAs with most things in life, meeting an immigration lawyer goes easier if you’re prepared ahead of time. Before you meet with an immigration attorney in Houston, take some time to find out what your lawyer will expect from you and what you, in turn, should expect from your lawyer. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Displaying Documents

When you first meet with an immigration lawyer, you should try to have all necessary documents with you. For instance, many lawyers will ask you to fill out a questionnaire in advance, giving relevant information such as your name, age, and place of birth. If you’ve applied for immigration already, bring any case documents that you have, and if you’re facing deportation, bring your Notice to Appear. This helps keep everything as orderly as possible and makes the case go more smoothly.

Discussing the Case

If you have any questions for your lawyer about the immigration process, write them down ahead of time and bring them to the meeting, because you will have some time to ask them during your initial meeting and any subsequent meeting. Your lawyer will also want to find out about you and your case, so be ready to answer his or her questions as well. It helps to be as open as possible. Remember, anything you tell your lawyer will be kept confidential.

Hiring the Lawyer

The last step of your meeting is to decide whether or not you want to hire them. This might depend on any number of factors. If your lawyer hasn’t taken many cases like yours or if they don’t have a clear plan concerning the steps you need to take, you may want to find a new immigration lawyer in Houston. Remember that there’s a lot at stake and you should hire the lawyer you believe will best represent your interests.


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