Questions to Ask a Prospective Defense Attorney

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Gavel and handcuffs in Houston TXWhether you have been charged with murder or theft, your future is in jeopardy. If convicted of your crime, you could be facing serious jail time. Don’t risk your future. Instead, hire a criminal defense attorney in Pasadena to handle your case. It’s important to ask the right questions before determining which defense attorney is right for you. Sit down with each prospective attorney and review the following questions.

  • Ask about their background and experience. While it’s required for each practicing lawyer to be licensed and educated, that doesn’t mean that they will all represent you in the same way. Different attorneys specialize in different areas of the law. It’s important to make sure that your attorney is experienced in your legal needs. To better understand their background, here are a few questions that you should ask. Where did you attend law school? What year did you graduate? Which bar associations and professional organizations do you belong to?
  • Establish what kind of relationship they have with the local courts and prosecutors. You’ll be spending quite a bit of time with the prosecutor, judge, and court system in your area. For that reason, you want an attorney who has a respectable relationship with them. When sitting down with a prospective defense attorney, ask them these questions. Have you worked with this prosecutor before? Can you describe your relationship with their office? Do you often appear in the courthouse where my case is going to be handled? What is your relationship like with the judge appointed to my case?
  • When sitting down with prospective attorneys, you probably won’t get a ton of legal advice. They refrain from offering counsel to those who aren’t clients. You can ask them the following questions, though. What are my legal options? What aspects of my case work in my favor? Do you see any potential problems? What is the process I can expect with this case?
  • Gavel and law book in Houston TXEven if you find an attorney that you feel comfortable with, they may not be available to give your case the attention that it needs. To ensure that they are, here are a few things that you can ask. Are there any conflicts of interest that would prevent you from properly representing me? Will associates also be handling my case? How can I contact you if I need to ask a question? How quickly are you able to respond to my questions?
  • Finally, it’s important to ask the following questions to better understand the financial fees that will be associated with each attorney’s representation. Do you charge an hourly fee or do I need to pay a retainer? What is your hourly rate? What amount needs to be paid up front? Are there other expenses outside of your designated fee that will need to be paid? What is the total amount you estimate I will need to pay in order to secure my representation?

Hiring a Houston criminal defense lawyer shouldn’t be rushed. Take the time to sit down with a few different attorneys to review these questions. Then, based on the answers received, you’ll be able to find a lawyer to handle your case with care.

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