How a Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help You

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Client and lawyer in Houston TXHiring an attorney is one of your basic rights when you are charged with a criminal offense. In fact, it’s so important to have an attorney that you will be provided with a lawyer even if you can’t afford to pay for a private attorney yourself. In this article, you’ll learn why an attorney’s assistance is invaluable and how they can help you with your case.

Provide a Knowledge Base

You can try to educate yourself about the law, but you won’t have enough time in the world to acquire the type of knowledge your Houston criminal defense lawyer already has. When you look for an attorney to represent you, you should find a lawyer who has experience with the type of charges that you’re facing right now. Hiring a lawyer with plenty of experience will increase your chances of a better outcome for you.

A public defender will be knowledgeable, too, but they have to accept a wide variety of cases. This means that they may have some knowledge about your case and the general procedures, but they probably won’t have enough specialized experience to provide you with the best possible advice at every turn.

Work Hard on Your Behalf

It takes a lot of time to build up a case. The time your lawyer will spend in court is short compared to the hundreds of hours they will have to spend on preparing your case. In addition to looking for applicable laws and similar case histories, your lawyer will be busy collecting evidence and finding witnesses who will provide value testimonial on your behalf.

A public defender will also spend many hours on preparing for your case in court. But they won’t be able to give your case as much of their attention because they are overworked. Due to budget constraints, public defenders take on many more cases than is recommended. This means every client gets less of their time and attention than they truly need.

If you’re thinking about defending yourself, you should really think again. With a full-time job (or several jobs) and a family, there will not be enough hours in your day to build a defense from scratch. Also remember that it would take you even longer to get the same amount of work done, because you’re lacking the experience a private, experienced attorney can rely on.

Courtroom scene in Houston TXProtect Your Interests

Public defenders receive a salary from the state. They earn the same amount of money, regardless of how well they represent their clients. A private attorney puts their best effort into every case because their reputation depends on it. If you succeed with your case, then your attorney will be successful, too. Your interests and the interests of your criminal defense attorney are perfectly aligned.

Your attorney will know how to handle a jury and how to fight the charges made against you. Your attorney will also know how the prosecutors and judges handle cases like yours in the area. In short, your attorney knows how to protect your interests, and they will work very hard on your behalf.

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