Driving under the Influence Applies To More than Just Alcohol

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If you’ve ever driven a car, you’re well aware of the risk that comes if you choose to get behind the wheel after drinking. Even a short trip down any interstate floods a driver with messages about the dangers of drunk driving, including financial cost, danger to other drivers, and the stain on your driving record.

But few drivers are aware of the problems that could come from getting pulled over while under the influence of another drug. Whether it’s cocaine, heroin, marijuana, morphine or others, driving under the influence of drugs can land you a large fine, suspension of your driving privileges and even jail. If you’re accused of driving under the influence of any kind of drug, you’re looking at some serious charges that you’ll need to fight.

What kind of drugs can require the help from a Houston DUI attorney? You might be surprised at what can be considered driving under the influence of narcotics. For instance, most people don’t even consider Nyquil to be a drug. It’s simply medicine for the common cold, something totally mundane that most people have as a staple in their medicine cabinet. But Nyquil causes drowsiness in those who use it, which means that police can say that you were not in complete control of your reflexes because of it if Nyquil is found in your system. Other examples of mild drugs that can cause major problems include Benadryl and Vicodin, both of which are commonly used to treat body problems and both of which can seriously impair a driver’s abilities on the road.

Beyond the over-the-counter drugs, illegal drugs can also gravely impair a driver and make police believe he or she is a threat to other motorists. Even medicinal marijuana being legal doesn’t mean police can’t charge you for being under the influence if you’re caught behind the wheel with it in your system. After all, alcohol is a legal drug for people over 21, but that doesn’t stop police from locking up those who violate DUI laws. The premise is exactly the same with medicinal marijuana. The only thing marijuana’s legality will save you from is possession charges; it won’t do a thing against a DUI accusation. For drugs that are always illegal, penalties can be stiff, and many states have experts who are trained to recognize the effects of illegal drugs. Using illegal drugs is a large risk on its own; getting behind the wheel after using them only magnifies the risk.

If you are caught driving under the influence of illegal drugs, it’s no different than if you were caught under the influence of using alcohol. The bottom line is that you need to get professional help and you need to get it fast. That is especially true with a situation such as driving under the influence of drugs, because so many people aren’t even aware that this can be such a serious charge. A good DUI attorney knows exactly what strategies to use in order to get evidence suppressed or thrown out, and that can be vital to keeping you from the inside of a jail cell.

When you get caught driving under the influence in southeast Texas, you need a Houston DUI attorney. But the best way to prevent these problems is to never cause them in the first place. When it comes to drugs, whether the over-the-counter or illegal varieties, you’ve got to be both careful and smart in how and when you use them. If there’s any doubt, follow the same rules as with alcohol: find a designated driver and don’t get behind the wheel.

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