A Criminal Defense Attorney: Your Best Friend

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Here at The Law Offices of Maverick Ray LLC, we want to make sure that when our clients face criminal charges that they have the best option for moving on to a full and happy life and put the charges all behind them. Here are 5 different and all very important reasons that you should hire a Houston criminal defense attorney when you are arrested on criminal charges.

Guard Against Prosecution’s Evidence

When you go through a criminal court proceeding, both sides are going to come in with evidence to present before the Court. On your own, you might look at the prosecution’s evidence and think it looks pretty detrimental to your case. However, this might not be the case at all. An experienced defense attorney knows what to look for and can help by analyzing the prosecution’s evidence and determine whether it is even admissible and whether it actually does hurt your case or if it should be disqualified. No matter how much research you do on your own behalf, there is likely going to be something that your lawyer picks up on that you might have missed.

Complete Paperwork on Time

There is actually going to be a lot of paperwork to fill out when you are facing criminal charges. If you leave something blank or neglect to file the paperwork on time, your case could be dismissed or you could end up facing a harsher sentence. One of the other benefits of working with a qualified defense attorney is that they can make sure all the paperwork is filled out, dot all the t’s and cross the i’s, and get your case moving in a timely manner. The court will not likely be lenient with missing, incomplete, or late paperwork.

Obtain Lesser Sentencing

Even if you are guilty of the crimes for which you stand accused, you do not have to automatically accept whatever sentencing the judge hands down. If you do have to have jail time, or pay fines or restitution or anything else, working with a criminal defense attorney is your best bet for getting alternative sentencing or a lesser sentence. When you work with an attorney, both sides can often work out plea deals where you exchange information for a less demanding sentence. This can be very helpful in getting your life back on track to where it was, and attorneys and judges are much more likely to work with other attorneys than they are with litigants who represent themselves.

Give Yourself the Same Advantage

When you walk into a courthouse representing yourself, you will be less likely to be taken seriously than if you were to hire an attorney. When you work with a criminal defense attorney, you are giving yourself the best possible advantage against the prosecution that you can. The prosecution is going to have a team of lawyers working for them and you need to give yourself at least as much advantage as they have. Working with a lawyer means you have a criminal defense team that is working for your best interests just as the prosecution has a legal team looking out for them.

Get Your Old Life Back

Last but not least, working with a criminal defense attorney can help you with not only getting you cleared of the current charges that you are facing, but he or she can also help you clear your previous criminal record. If you have prior convictions, you likely already know that having a conviction on your record can make getting a job or obtaining credit very difficult. You may need these things to be your best self, and a criminal defense lawyer working with you is the best option for getting your old life back and getting through this situation as smoothly as you can. Contact us today!

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