5 Steps You Can Take to Avoid a DWI Arrest

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Young saleswoman handing over car keys, isolated on gray backgroThe unfortunate truth is that millions of Americans are charged with DUI and DWI every year. Another unfortunate truth is that these can all be prevented, yet they continue to happen. With this in mind, the dedicated legal team at the Law Offices of Maverick Ray LLC has created the following list of things that make avoiding a DWI arrest easy.

Arrange for a Designated Driver

Mothers Against Drunk Driving, or MADD, was organized in 1980. This group has done a great deal to reduce the instances of DWI and DUI arrests and drunk driving related car accidents. One of the most significant things that they did, however, was implement the idea of designated drivers. When there are designated drivers available, there is no excuse for you or anybody else who has been drinking at all to drive themselves home.

Scare Yourself Sober

One thing extremely effective thing that you can do is to research drunk driving statistics before you leave for an event where you know alcohol will be served. Make sure to look up and find out about how much representation from a criminal defense lawyer would cost you in the event of a DWI arrest. Look up and see how much you would have to drink in order for your brain function to be impaired. The answers might surprise you.

Don’t Drink at All

Young tourists hailing a taxiWould it surprise you to know that you don’t actually have to drink a full glass of alcohol in order to be impaired? It’s true. Many people feel that they have a higher threshold for alcohol and can have several drinks before impairment. The fact of the matter is that no matter what you feel your threshold for alcohol is, you would probably be wrong. The best thing to do to avoid a DWI arrest is to not drink at all. You could even volunteer to be the designated driver. You can still enjoy yourself and have fun with your friends, but as an added bonus, you don’t have to wake up with a hangover.

Have a Cab Service at the Ready

At the end of the night, you can always count on one person to be completely sober. That one dependable person is a taxi driver. Before you go to the party or have a drink for the night, make sure that you have a number for a taxi service saved in your phone. You will be more likely to call a cab if you already have the number than if you were to have to look it up, especially after you have already had a drink or two.

Hire a Lawyer

In the event that you are arrested for DWI, make sure that you hire the best defense lawyer that you can find. Working with an experienced Houston criminal defense attorney can help you reduce your sentence, accept a plea bargain, and identify any holes in the prosecution’s evidence. Working with an attorney is essential in this situation. The steps ahead of you may be difficult to navigate on your own, and it is best that you work with an advocate who has been through it before.

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